Sunday, February 27, 2011

OMG! Western people can speak malay ? Click here!

OMG OMG OMyyyyyyyy God LOL!!

Hi Everybody,I know many people dont know what is it malay?malay it is race.i mean malay race?malay race only got in malaysia country......o yes...i want talk abaut 2 boys name "Belacan"and "Paku" and both is a male.belacan and paku make malaysia people loveeee him....because their make malaysia people laughing..! but i like it tooo and i'm malay hehehehe.....
Do u know who is he?haaaa i got some video for alll of u.wanna see it?but their talk in malay language.
their soo funny!! oyes that's guys popular in malaysia who have internet only......

hmm i will give u translate for all of u who dont know language malay....

oooh mat salleh=oooo western
Malaysia boleh=malaysia can do it
saya mat salleh=i'm western people
hey mat salleh=hey western

easy u watch this video......^___^

at down here

O yeah i most Forgot...Paku And Belacan live in an America!

paku and belacan i love u both!!!
You soo Funny!!


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